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Macbeth [2001]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Tim Carroll

Macbeth is the hero of Scotland, her bravest warrior. He and his friend Banquo, returning from the battlefield, are met by three 'Weird Sisters', who prophesy that Macbeth will become King. Macbeth confides in his wife, and together they plot to murder King Duncan, while he is sleeping in Macbeth's castle.

This done, Macbeth is crowned King. Rather than finding security in his new role, Macbeth fears all those around him, even his old friends. As he becomes more desperate to secure his position, his acts become bloodier, and his wife succumbs to madness. It falls to Duncan's noble son, Malcolm, and Macduff to deliver Scotland from this 'butcher'.


  • Master of Design Laura Hopkins
  • Master of Music Claire van Kampen
  • Master of Choreography Sian Williams


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