Shakespeare's Globe

Pericles [2005]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Kathryn Hunter

Having discovered a dangerous secret at the court of Antiochus, Pericles is forced to flee his own kingdom and wander the world. He arrives, shipwrecked, in Pentapolis, where he is saved by a fisherman and wins Princess Thaisa for his wife.

Shortly afterwards, however, Thaisa dies at sea giving birth to a child: Marina. Pericles fosters this daughter to a friend. When Marina is also reported dead some years later, he falls into a speechless grief. The story culminates in the redemption of the long-suffering Pericles through a series of seeming miracles.


  • Master of Design Liz Cooke
  • Master of Physical Play Marcello Magni
  • Master of Music Stephen Warbeck
  • Master of Dance Éva Magyar
  • Master of Aerial Choreography John Paul Zaccarini
  • Master of the Words Giles Block
  • Master of Movement Glynn MacDonald
  • Master of Voice Stewart Pearce

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