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Punishment Without Revenge [2014]

Written by: Lope de Vega
Directed by: Ernesto Arias

Part of 2014 Globe to Globe and performed in Castilian Spanish.

Federico, bastard son of the Duke of Ferrara, falls in love with Cassandra, his father’s intended bride, and she with him. When the truth of their ‘dishonourable’ union comes to light, the Duke exacts a pitiless revenge.

On its cleverly mapped journey towards a violent climax equal to that of any Jacobean playwright, El castigo sin venganza explores the tragic role of honour in seventeenth century life – cruel, necessary, ineluctable. This is the first Globe staging of a play from Spain’s Golden Age – with its fascinating correspondences to the drama of Elizabethan England – and a rare chance to see one of Lope’s greatest plays.