Shakespeare's Globe

Richard III [2003]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Barry Kyle

Since Richard II's abdication and Henry Bolingbroke's enthronement, civil war has raged between the Houses of York and Lancaster. Following King Edward IV's death, his young son is crowned King Edward V, with Richard, Duke of Gloucester, as his Protector.

But now, the Protector's associates have accused Edward IV of illegitimacy, imprisoned Edward V in the Tower, and implored the humble and reluctant protector to become Richard III.

Privately, however, it is rumoured that Richard's rise may not be as accidental as it seems. The Duke of Clarence's murder, officially blamed on Edward IV's wife, has resulted in a spate of revenge killings, all of them commanded by Richard and his associates.

Who killed the Duke of Clarence? Was Richard really so reluctant to ascend the throne?  Where is the evidence of Edward I's illegitimacy? Who has heard from the political prisoners in the Tower? When tyrannical powers take hold of a state, who dares change the regime?


  • Master of Clothing Jenny Tiramani, Luca Costigliolo
  • Master of Properties & Hangings Jenny Tiramani
  • Master of Historical Music Keith McGowan
  • Master of Theatre Music Claire van Kampen
  • Master of Singing Belinda Sykes
  • Master of Dancer Sian Williams
  • Master of Fights John Waller
  • Master of Words Giles Block
  • Master of Movement Glynn MacDonald
  • Master of Voice Stewart Pearce

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