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Romantics Anonymous [2017]

Directed by: Emma Rice

Angélique makes beautiful chocolates, carefully infused with all the emotion that seems to overwhelm her in daily life. Jean-René runs a chocolate factory that is running out of steam, rather like his own existence. Both seek help from the usual sources: Jean-René favours self-help tapes and Angélique joins a support group, Les Émotifs Anonymes.

Romantics Anonymous is an unusual and tender love story in which the obstacles to happiness are not the usual external barriers, but those sneaky little ones we know all too intimately: the ones within.

Based on the film Les Émotifs Anonymes written by Jean-Pierre Améris and Philippe Blasband


  • Book Emma Rice
  • Lyrics Christopher Dimond
  • Music Michael Kooman
  • Designer Lez Brotherston
  • Music Supervisor Nigel Lilley
  • Choreographer Etta Murfitt
  • Orchestrator Simon Hale
  • Lighting Designer Malcolm Rippeth
  • Sound Designer Simon Baker
  • By special arrangement Radio Mouse Entertainment

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