Shakespeare's Globe

The Golden Ass [2002]

Written by: Peter Oswald
Directed by: Tim Carroll

A new comedy written for Shakespeare’s Globe which combines the best insults ever uttered with one of the funniest stories of vanity and hot headedness! The central character, Lucius, played by Mark Rylance, is an insatiably curious man who, wishing to turn himself into a wise owl to capture his sweetheart, takes the wrong drug and finds himself transformed into a lowly donkey!

This specially adapted production is a riotous erotic comedy of love and desire and based on the story that C.S. Lewis called ‘a strange compound of picaresque novel, horror comic, mystagogue’s tract, pornography and stylistic experiment.’ Be assured that this production will be true to the original!


  • Master of Design Laura Hopkins
  • Master of Music Claire van Kampen
  • Master of Dance Sian Williams


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