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The Taming of the Shrew [2016]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Caroline Byrne

'Tis a wonder, by your leave, she will be tam’d so.'

Two sisters are being married off. Bianca is hell-bent on it and can’t wait to fly the nest. Kate, on the other hand, balks at the thought of losing her independence and struggles to think of anything worse. That’s all well and good, but Kate has to marry first for Bianca to be allowed. And whilst Bianca has no shortage of offers, who will get hitched to Kate, the fabulous and ungovernable shrew? Perhaps Petruchio might take her on for a bet: he’s a bit of a gold-digger and as wild and rebellious as our Kate...

Caroline Byrne’s production transports The Taming of the Shrew to the Easter Rising of 1916 in Ireland, resulting in a fresh, fast and distinctly Irish makeover.

Aoife Duffin, Imogen Doel and Kathy Rose O'Brien featured as part of the Adopt an Actor interview series for this production.


  • Dramaturg & Lyricist Morna Regan
  • Designer Chiara Stephenson
  • Composer Bill Barclay
  • Sound Designer George Dennis
  • Lighting Designer Natasha Chivers
  • Physical Comedy Director Joe Dieffenbacher
  • Choreographer Emma Martin

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