Shakespeare's Globe

The Winter's Tale [2008]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: John Dove

In August 1593, Edward Alleyn (leading actor of the Lord Admiral's Men who performed at the Rose theatre) wrote from Bristol to his wife in London while he was touring the provinces with the Lord Admiral's men. He began his letter: 'My good sweet mouse I commend me hartely to you...'

In summer 2008 a small group of dedicated actors toured a Shakespeare play from the Globe theatre. The Globe's company of travelling players performed The Winter's Tale in castles, gardens and parks across the UK.

We followed the tour and published the findings the actors made about performing in different spaces. In the tradition of Edward Alleyn's letter actors wrote a letter home to the Globe from each venue, telling us about their discoveries and the problems they encountered.


  • Designer Michael Taylor
  • Composer Stu Barker
  • Choreographer Sian Williams


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