Shakespeare's Globe

Troilus & Cressida [2009]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Matthew Dunster

Seven years have passed since the Greeks first began their siege of Troy, and on the Trojan side of the walls the beautiful Cressida, aided and abetted by her hilariously intriguing uncle Pandarus, has embarked upon a passionate love affair with Prince Troilus. When Cressida is forced to join her treacherous father in the Greek camp, can their love survive a difficult separation or will it join the other casualties of war?

Shakespeare fills his ancient tale with savage comedy, great passion, vivid characters and all the heat and sweat of a long and painful campaign. He seems never more modern than in dealing with the subject of a tragic love pursued in the midst of a pointless war. This production will evoke classical costumes and settings.


  • Designer Anna Fleischle
  • Composer Olly Fox
  • Choreographer Aline David
  • Fight Director Kevin McCurdy


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