Shakespeare's Globe

Twelfth Night [2002]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Tim Carroll

Believing her twin brother Sebastian to have drowned after a shipwreck which she has survived, the young Viola is stranded on the mysterious island of Illyria. Disguising herself as the page Cesario, she enters the service of the handsome Duke Orsino, who is madly in love with the beautiful Countess Olivia. But when, while delivering a letter, the Countess falls helplessly in love with the disguised messenger herself, Viola realises her problems have only just begun.

Meanwhile, the annual night of fun and feasting is being enjoyed to the full by Olivia's roguish cousin Sir Toby Belch. Together with the gentlewoman Maria and his guest - Olivia's hapless suitor Sir Andrew Aguecheek - the prankster Belch schemes to embarrass the pompous steward Malvolio ...


  • Master of the Words Giles Block
  • Master of Clothing and Properties Jenny Tiramani
  • Master of Voice Stewart Pearce


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