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University & drama school students can learn here at our spaces in London

We are thrilled to welcome higher education students from across the globe to our playhouses, workshop rooms and lecture theatres. Your students will be joining a diverse student body for the duration of their course.

This page lists our options at Shakespeare’s Globe for higher education institutions. You can also register your interest and find out more about programmes being delivered online.

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We will work with you to shape a programme that is tailored to the needs of your students – whether it is a single lecture or workshop, or a much longer engagement. Simply provide us with some information about your course and how you are hoping that Shakespeare’s Globe can contribute to it, and we will return a suggested outline to you.

Our courses are taught by a pool of Shakespeare’s Globe scholars and faculty – many of whom are artists who have professional experience working in our playhouses, and many who have extensive experience of teaching at leading UK universities and drama schools.

In addition to taught sessions, students will have an opportunity to attend performances in the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Students on longer courses will have access to our Library and Archive to support them with any recommended or required reading that has been set. Many students will have the opportunity to work in our playhouses, joining us in our ongoing theatrical experiment.

Longer or more intensive courses may culminate with a presentation on the Globe Stage or in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, to an audience of invited guests.

We can work to your own institution’s policies and guidelines for the setting and grading of written assessments – performance reviews, critical surveys or reflective journals, for example.


Although we are not currently able to deliver onsite, we are taking enquiries about courses at Shakespeare’s Globe in the future.

To explore this further, please complete our enquiry form or email Joanne Luck, Higher Education Manager, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Find out more about our online course options.


Get in touch via our online form to register your interest with any of our higher education programmes.


‘The students’ experience of working with Shakespeare’s Globe is undoubtably a highlight of their training. Working with world-class practitioners on Shakespeare’s verse and prose is revelatory and gives them a deep understanding and true connection to the text. The team at Shakespeare’s Globe are always keen to ensure that the experience is an integral part of the approach to training that the students receive. Many have said that their approach to, not only to Shakespeare, but to all aspects of acting and performance, grow considerably from the detailed and inspiring work they do with the the voice, movement and other practitioners. They always find it a transformative experience.’

– Robin Sneller, Head of MA/MFA Acting (International), East 15 Acting School

‘The thrill of teaching at Shakespeare’s Globe comes from watching the growth of the students and the way the theatre spaces energise their minds and bodies. I enjoy the challenges of personalised learning with each and every actor, responding to their individual needs to develop and enhance their acting skills with classical text. Ultimately, to witness a student gain authority and ownership of the language, is the greatest reward for me as their teacher.’

– Dickon Tyrrell, Higher Education Consultant, Shakespeare’s Globe


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Recent English Department courses have examined:

  • The historical and contemporary meanings of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Language, performance space and the materials of theatre practice (such as clothing, cosmetics, props, and musical instruments).
  • The historical conditions in which Shakespeare’s plays were produced.
  • The unique relationship between the actors and audience in early modern theatre spaces.


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Recent Conservatory Training courses have explored:

  • How the unique architectural conditions of the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse help to shape performance choices and unlock the versatility of Shakespeare’s words.
  • How the voice and body can be used as technology in the absence of lighting and sound.
  • How the relationship between the actor and the audience impacts on dialogue and storytelling.
  • How to account for acoustics, sightlines and architecture in large spaces and intimate venues.


Our courses at Shakespeare’s Globe are accredited by the British Accreditation Council, providing a public assurance of quality.

They are also subject to rigorous internal quality assurance procedures, led by Professor Farah Karim-Cooper (Head of Higher Education & Research), and we can participate in any quality assurance procedures required for your own course validation.


Submit your details via our online form to register your interest with any of our higher education programmes or sessions.

Please provide as much information as possible and a member of our team with get in touch with you soon.




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