Working towards dismantling oppressive practices in the Collections of Shakespeare’s Globe

As part of our Anti-Racist Strategy, we are working towards dismantling oppressive practices in the management of our Collections at Shakespeare’s Globe.

We recognise that our Collections reflect the work of Shakespeare’s Globe, which has predominantly presented through a white lens and has only represented diversity in a marginal way.

We need to decolonise and diversify to create more inclusive Collections and practices:

  • We will challenge narratives representative of power and open our minds to new interpretations for and from marginalised communities and audiences which will support our Cause: ‘To make Shakespeare accessible for All’
  • How and what we collect
  • How and what we exhibit in telling the story and history of the Globe through our Collections

Our fundamental principles are:

  • That we acknowledge the mainstream activities of racism, sexism, homophobic, ableist and other discriminatory traditions as failures.
  • That in our efforts to decolonise, we do not do this in a tokenistic way that serves to recolonise and centre whiteness; we must be self-critical of and in the processes.
  • That we do not reinforce white supremacy by exploiting the voices and stories of the marginalised without adequate reparation or by ignoring the voices of communities represented in our Collections.

To see the full version of our working document which outlines how we will attempt to dismantle oppressive practices with the Collections.