Continuing Professional Development Live Stream

We currently stream using Zoom and WebEx. If you have a preferred other streaming platforms or further technical questions, please advise us at the time of your booking.

For further queries please contact us.

All workshops can be tailored to cater for a range of Special Educational Needs and requirements. Detailed information can be found in our FAQs.


£900 for up to 25 teachers

(Please note: we cannot stream to separate locations)


  • 3 hour session facilitated by a Globe Education Practitioner, including:
  • Introductory lecture on a play of your choice
  • Question & Answer session
  • Workshop to explore Shakespeare’s texts through interactive activities and examining a range of active approaches to teaching Shakespeare


  • Tailored to meet the needs of your subject and/or curriculum
  • Build knowledge of the social and historical context of Shakespeare and his contemporaries
  • Build understanding of Shakespeare’s language and craft
  • Deepen your pedagogical understanding of active approaches to Shakespeare
  • Develop English language skills (if applicable)
  • Resources to provide further learning post-stream


Live Streams can be delivered at any time of the year, subject to availability. Please get in touch to let us know your preferred dates and times, being mindful of the time zone difference.

Please allow an additional 10 minutes before the desired start time of your session to allow for the technology to connect.

Please allow at least 28 days lead in time for any booking requests.


Tailored to a play of your choice