The Read Not Dead ground rules are simple. Actors rehearse the play on a Sunday morning and present it, script in hand, to an audience later that afternoon.

The performances are instinctive, adrenaline driven and inventive. Actors and audiences alike share in the excitement of reviving these forgotten plays that definitely deserve to be Read Not Dead.

The Captain

It’s peace time, and the soldiers of Venice are at a loose end. A young gentlewoman, Frank, finds herself attracted to Captain Jacomo, despite his misogynist nature, but the interventions of her brother’s friends prevent the course of true love from running smoothly.

George A Greene, The Pinner Of Wakefield

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
The quick witted and skilled fighter George a Greene proves serious competition to Robin Hood in this script-in-hand performance.

Look About You

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Written as a response to Munday’s Robin Hood plays, this script-in-hand performance takes us to Henry II’s court where Robert Hood in embroiled in a dramatic dispute.

The Sad Shepherd, Or, A Tale Of Robin Hood

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
A mystery disappearance has dramatic consequences at a feast hosted by Robin Hood in this script-in-hand performance of Ben Jonson’s last play.

The Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntington

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Prince John plots to seize Richard the Lionheart’s throne whilst he’s away on the crusade in this script-in-hand performance.

On The Road at Gray’s Inn

Our annual reading in Gray’s Inn Hall – venue for the first recorded performance of The Comedy of Errors – brings together Globe actors and leading lawyers in one of the most beautiful Shakespeare venues in the country.

Dismissal of the Grecian Envoys

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Hear the battles of the Trojan war unfold in this performance with scripts of Kochanowski’s play, staged simultaneously in Warsaw.