Read Not Dead

The Read Not Dead ground rules are simple. Actors rehearse the play on a Sunday morning and present it, script in hand, to an audience later that afternoon.

The performances are instinctive, adrenaline driven and inventive. Actors and audiences alike share in the excitement of reviving these forgotten plays that definitely deserve to be Read Not Dead.

The Death of Robert Earl of Huntington

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
In Munday’s sequel to the Robin Hood story, the former outlaw earl faces dangers from new enemies. As the crown passes from Richard to his brother John, civil war erupts under his corrupt and tyrannical rule.

Rarely Played: The Death of Robert Earl of Huntington

Nancy Knowles Lecture Theatre
Discover more about the plays chosen for the Read Not Dead series in one of our inspiring and engaging seminar introductions prior to the performance.