An actor stands on a wooden stage reading from a script in front of a candelabra filled with lit candles


Wednesday 25 May – Tuesday 2 August 2022

Have you ever wanted to take part in the Globe’s experiments in staging and performance? Our ongoing Research in Action series returns for Summer 2022 with three new events that give audiences the chance to be part of the Globe’s exploration of early modern and contemporary performance culture.

In these workshops, we throw open the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse doors to scholars, artists and theatregoers, to ask the sorts of questions that are only answerable by doing. Using extracts from well-known and less-familiar plays, Globe actors and leading academics uncover and question the practices of the Shakespearean stage.

In Editing in Action we explore what performance can bring to the editing of John Fletcher’s texts; Translation in Action sees us experiment with translations of classical Hispanic comedia for English-speaking audiences today; and in Perfuming the Early Modern Stage we discover how perfumes, incense, and less pleasant odours were used on stage.

Expect discoveries – and expect to be asked for your thoughts. In a Research in Action workshop, the audience is always part of the research team. Workshops may be filmed, live-tweeted or otherwise recorded, and you might be invited to give written feedback.



Editing in Action: Fletcher for the 21st Century

Join this Research In Action event as we create texts fit for a twenty-first century John Fletcher.

Translation in Action: Comedies of the Hispanic Golden Age

Explore classical Hispanic comedia by Golden Age dramatists such as Ana Caro and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz in this #ResearchInAction event.

Perfuming the Early Modern Stage: Here’s a Sweet Stink Indeed

This Research In Action workshop explores how perfumes, incense and odours were used in early modern drama.