Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Season

20 October 2019 – 18 April 2020

Our 2019/20 winter theatre season revolves around She Wolves and Shrews, as we interrogate the perception of women in the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and also invite today’s writers to reflect on gender power dynamics, then and now.


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Henry VI

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Experience the Wars of the Roses like never before in this ★★★★ ‘epic and exciting’ production that sees Shakespeare’s plays condensed into one ‘theatrically exhilarating’ event.

Richard III

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Join Shakespeare’s monstrously charismatic villain as he embarks on a bloody and ‘thrilling’ ★★★★ campaign for the crown. Richard’s ‘compelling and invigorating’ reign of terror is about to begin.

Swive [Elizabeth]

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
A ‘murderously intense drama’ ★★★★ by award-winning writer Ella Hickson and director Natalie Abrahami about the ways in which women in power negotiate patriarchal pressure.

Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
This winter, we invite 20 writers to remember, rediscover and bring out into the light women and non-binary people who have been undervalued or misrepresented by time, people on whom history has imposed a story that doesn’t adequately reflect who they were and how they lived.

Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell my Daughter about Men

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
This black comedy traces a woman’s relationship history backwards, while exploring the results of sexual assault, relationships, teen pregnancy and addiction.

The Taming of the Shrew

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Katharina and Bianca are ready to marry. But the youngest can be won only if the eldest finds her equal. Who will be able to rival the strong-willed Katharina? The hunt for a suitor is on…

Women Beware Women

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Thomas Middleton’s enduringly relevant exploration of gender power dynamics uncovers the savage – and bloody – underbelly of desire, lust and ambition in the flamboyant Florentine court.