Step-by-step guide: visiting us for our new-format tours

  Once you have prebooked your tour ticket, familiarise yourself with this handy online ten-step guide, which details what to do and where to go when you visit us

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Today we announced the return of our Globe Theatre Guided Tour, which has taken on a new structure in order to be Coronavirus-safe for you at this time.

We have made many changes to our tours, including new opening hours, a new maximum number of spaces per tour and a new one-way route which takes you through our open-air theatre in a safe and spacious way.

Ahead of your visit, as well as prebooking your ticket, exploring our visit section, and familiarising yourself with our new COVID-19 safety measures, you can follow the below ten-step guide and you’ll be all set to go!

This blog was updated on 5 October to reflect some changes to the way visitors access Swan.

1. Prebook your tour

A calendar listing dates for August 2020

Please book your Globe Theatre Guided Tour tickets in advance online.

There are many different price types available, including special ‘pay what you can’ slots on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and free tickets for NHS staff. Members also get a special rate.

Ours tours are family-friendly and all ages are welcome!

2. Prebook your table

A board advertising a bar outside some steps

If you’re also looking to eat at the Swan Bar & Restaurant, which has now completely reopened, make a reservation online in advance. Check out the new menus and opening times and book your table over on Swan’s website.

When you arrive, the entrances to Swan will be signposted – you can enter up steps by the Groundling Gates (pictured) until 4pm or use their main Bankside entrance any time of the day.


3. Don’t forget your face covering

A woman wearing a mask is greeted by a woman behind a plastic screen

We strongly encourage you to wear a face covering, if you can, for the comfort and safety of other visitors and staff.

When you attend a Guided Tour, our staff will be wearing face-shields.

In the Swan Bar & Restaurant, all staff will wear a face mask or covering.

4. When you arrive

A graphics map of the Shakspeare's Globe site in August 2020

Upon arriving at Shakespeare’s Globe (London, SE1 9DT), head towards Bankside and the side of the building that’s opposite the river.

Look out for our outdoor information pod, this will be located by the ‘Groundling Gates’. These are large black metal gates that you will also go through when the tour starts. Our guides will direct you up steps, onto the outdoor Piazza and finally into the open-air Globe Theatre.

Black metal gates sit at the top of stone steps

Download a large PDF version of the map you can see here on this page.

Please note that the Groundling Gates entrance does include steps, so if you do require step-free access instead, just let us know and we will be there to assist you.

5. We are contactless

A black image with a QR code in the centre

All interaction with us is contactless.

When we greet you at our information pod, you can show your booking reference on a device, there’s no need to print anything out / hand anything over.

And should you need to access information about tours whilst you are on site, simply scan the QR codes dotted around on posters (pictured).

6. Our staff will greet you

A woman talks to two men working in a hut

You are in the hands of our friendly Visitor Experience team, who have been trained on how to help you at this time. They are on-hand to support you during your visit so please know that we are here to help.

All staff will sanitise their hands after every tour (every hour), will be wearing see-through face-shields and may choose to wear gloves too. Staff members located in our information pod will be behind perspex (pictured: our Box Office in the outdoor Piazza).

7. Follow the markers

A sign on the floor that tells people to keep a distance

Staff will guide you through our open-air theatre, on a new tour route which follows a one-way system.

There are signs, as well as floor markers, to encourage you to keep a safe distance apart from other people on the tour.

8. Sanitise your hands

A sign that reads WC

Hand sanitising stations will be available throughout a Guided Tour and also throughout Swan Bar & Restaurant.

Toilets will be open, with enhanced cleaning taking place, too. They will be signposted (pictured) or a member of staff can direct you.

9. Farewell (for now)

Steps that lead down to a street

The tour will last 50 minutes and a guide will show you where to exit the theatre.

Steps on the outdoor Piazza will take you back down to Bankside (along the river).

Those who require step-free access will be accompanied to access points by our guides.

10. Tell us what you thought

A group of people stand in an open-air theatre apart from each other

We hope you enjoy your tour! Don’t forget to share your experiences and photos on social media – we’d love to see your #ViewFromTheGlobe.


Globe Theatre Guided Tours recommence on 21 August and you must prebook online in advance. The Swan Bar & Restaurant is now open and taking reservations. Ahead of your visit, also familiarise yourself with our new COVID-19 safety measures.