Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Photo story

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in photos

 Photographer Pete Le May captures the intimacy and peacefulness of our 17th-century-inspired indoor Playhouse

1 minute read

This week, we shared news of our plans to temporarily transform the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse into a recording studio.

At this time when many of our indoor spaces are closed, you can attend online events at home and be transported to our Playhouse from anywhere in the world. This got us thinking about those of you who might not have seen a physical performance in our indoor space before and consequently inspired us to share some beautiful photography with you.

A dip into our archive and glimpse at this stunning images by photographer Pete Le May has us all missing live performance. At this time when we can’t be together physically, we hope these pictures remind you of that Playhouse magic that we will all hopefully be reliving again soon.

All photography in this article by Pete Le May.

People work on building scaffolding which reaches a decorated ceiling
A gold star on a black wall
Detail on a black wall shows gold patterns
Ropes are tied to handles against a wooden wall
An indoor wooden playhouse lit by candles
A door opens in a ceiling
White detail on the top of a building with a pointed roof
A red door with a white frame
Details of a white door frame against a brick building
A single wooden beam
A close up of a wooden material with textured patterns carved into it
A close up of the wooden bars that line a gallery of a stage
Yellow brick patterns on a wall
An indoor wooden playhouse lit by candles
An intricately painted ceiling, looking up at it from below
Two cream candles are lit in the darkness
A lit candelabra hangs from a decorated ceiling.
A tall ceilinged theatre with candelabras
Two candles sit on a black candelabra
A decorated ceiling
A decorated ceiling with candles