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Our 2021 Globe Theatre Guided Tour in photos

  Our Globe Theatre Guided Tour runs throughout Summer 2021 – use the below photo guide to help familiarise yourself with the building prior to your visit

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Last month we announced Summer 2021 at Shakespeare’s Globe. As well as telling the world that performances were kicking off  (from 19 May), we were also excited to recommence our outdoor Globe Theatre Guided Tour in April.

When our tours finally began earlier this month – for the first time this year – visitors and staff we overjoyed to step back into our wooden ‘O’.

The Globe Theatre stage has a tall triangle roof and is held up by intricately decorated pillars

Our Globe Theatre Guided Tour recommenced in April 2021. Photographer: Pete Le May

We had, of course, made some changes to our tours – there’s a new face coverings policy, a new one-way route which takes you through our theatre in a safe and spacious way, and more. We know that these changes and safety measures can be a lot of process for all visitors (new and returning), so we wanted to share a visual guide below to give you a sense of what to expect.

In this blog we showcase the photos of photographer Pete Le May, who went along recently to capture a wonderful Globe Theatre Guided Tour in action. We hope this digital photo story helps familiarise you with our space once again, prior to your visit.

Also don’t forget to check-out our safety measures ahead of your visit if you want to read more. We can’t wait to see you in person soon!

The view of a river from the top floor of a building, you can see a pier and tall buildings in the background

You will book for a tour that begins at a specific time (pre-booking online essential beforehand). Arrive at Shakespeare’s Globe 10–15 minutes prior to your tour time.

People stand in a queue by a brick wall

Come to the the entrance by the Groundling Gates on Bankside (SE1 9DT, opposite the river) where a staff member will greet you at an outdoor information pod.

The view from the stage of an outdoor theatre looks out at members of the public who are touring it

We are paperless! We are only issuing e-tickets at present – you can show this on a mobile device when you arrive.

The view from above of people stood in the middle of a yard in an outdoor theatre

Those over the age of 11 must wear a face covering for the duration of their visit to us, unless they are exempt.

A tour guide points to the top of a roofless theatre

Our directional signage – and friendly staff – will guide you.

A tall brick building with outdoor restaurant seating

Swan Bar & Restaurant are taking booking for outdoor dining – visit them before or after your visit using their separate entrance (they are right next door to us on Bankside).

A member of staff stands by an outdoor kiosk talking to an other person who is looking at their phone

A member of staff will meet you outside Shakespeare’s Globe when you arrive. You will be shown where to go for your tour in our outdoor Globe Theatre. Photographer: Pete Le May

A tour guide gestures with his hand and smiles and he is wearing a face visor

All of our staff are here (and trained) to support you at this time. Our tour guides will wear see-through face-shields.

People walk up stone steps through a black metal gate

You will be guided from the information pod, up the steps and through our black, metal groundling gates.

People walk through a door into an outdoor theatre and they walk past a hand sanitising station

You will then follow staff into the outdoor Piazza and finally through doors into the open-air Yard of the Globe Theatre.

A sign says ‘WCs this way’ and has an arrow pointing to the left

Everything will be signposted for you or you can ask a member of staff to show you the way. Photographer: Charlotte Horobin

A group of people stand in the middle of a roofless theatre
A stage with pillars and a canopy roof thrusts out into a round outdoor space as people stand in the middle and look around
Two people stand by an outdoor stall and their smile to the camera, wearing see-through visors
The Globe Theatre stage has a tall triangle roof and is held up by intricately decorated pillars
A hand-sanitiser station sits by a stairway which leads down out of the Globe Theatre

Hand sanitising stations can be found across our site. Photographer: Charlotte Horobin

Two people walk down outdoor steps towards a sign that reads ‘exit’

You will be shown where to exit at the end of the tour – from the Globe Theatre, you will make your way back out to the Piazza and then follow steps down to Bankside, the same area where you arrived. Photographer: Pete Le May


Globe Theatre Guided Tour is booking dates up until 31 October 2021.