Any questions you might have about attending Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank

When will I find out if I have been successful?

For state secondary schools in London and Birmingham, applications will open on Wednesday 6th September 2023, initially until Friday 22 September. Applications received during this time will be ranked based on FSM% (percentage of students eligible for Free School Meals) and tickets will be allocated accordingly. If you apply during this period, then you will hear whether your application has been successful before October Half Term. 

Will I be seated?

The Globe has 850 seats and 550 ‘groundling’ or standing tickets available for each schools performance of Romeo and Juliet. These iconic ‘groundling’ tickets are a large part of what makes the Globe such a unique, lively, and interactive performance space! To discover more about the historical context of the ‘groundling’ ticket, you can read this extract  from Andrew Gurr, ‘Traps and Discoveries at the Globe’, Proceedings of the British Academy 94 (1997), pp 88-89. 

For state secondary schools in London and Birmingham: by submitting your application, you are accepting that you may be allocated groundling (standing) tickets. Please note: if any of your group cannot stand for access reasons, it is vital that you let us know this as part of your application form. 

For all other schools: as part of your application for subsidised tickets, you will be able to select either £5 groundling (standing) tickets, or £15 seated tickets. 

How are tickets allocated?

For state secondary schools in London and Birmingham: to ensure the project achieves its core mission of promoting equality of opportunity, we prioritise schools with higher FSM% (percentage of students eligible for Free School Meals) in our allocation of free-to-access tickets, workshops and CPD places. Applications will therefore be ranked based on schools’ FSM%, and tickets will be allocated accordingly.  

For all other schools: subsidised tickets are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications for these will open on 29 September 2022. 

Seat allocation: We allocate seated and standing tickets at random (except for paid schools), but please be assured that all access needs will be accounted for. We ask that you make us aware of any access requirements at the point of booking or email us as soon as possible to ensure that the above is possible.  

What do I do if I or my students have access requirements?

We aim to create a culture and environment in which everyone’s experience at Shakespeare’s Globe is welcoming, safe, and enjoyable. We ask that you provide us with as much information as possible about the access need/s (and how they are accommodated at school) during the application process, so that we can facilitate your visit accordingly. 

We have the following accessible performances available for Romeo and Juliet: 

  • Integrated British Sign Language and Captioned: Friday 22 March, 2pm (for schools offered free tickets) and Thursday 26 March, 2pm (for schools offered subsidised tickets) 
  • Audio Described (provided via headsets): Tuesday 12 March, 7pm (for schools offered subsidised tickets) and Thursday 21 March, 2pm (for schools offered free tickets)
  • We have wheelchair spaces available for each performance, subject to availability 

During schools’ performances, we take a more relaxed view of Front of House etiquette, including an open-door policy so that students can come and go as they please. We can offer familiarisation visits for those who benefit from seeing the theatres before the day of the performance. A visual story will be available to download near the time, which includes information about the production and your visit to our site. There are ear defenders available in different sizes to borrow from the Welcome Desk in the main foyer.  

We will do our best to ensure that all individuals with access requirements requiring seating that are made known to us are given seated tickets, but this does not guarantee that the remainder of the group will be seated as well.  

Do you have a risk assessment?

Yes, we provide risk assessment guidelines for schools, which can be accessed here. Please note that this will be reviewed periodically before the performances; if any information changes on this guidance all school bookers will be contacted with the updated changes. We also provide a Code of Conduct to all schools, which can be accessed here. 

What are the maximum number of students I can book in per school?

You can bring as many students as you want to see the show; however, we limit bookings to 250 students from each school per performance. You can still make your entire booking using the same application form, which will guide you through how you would like to split the group if you want to bring over 250. 

What ratio of teachers to students do I need to bring?

We request a ratio of 1 teacher to every 10 students; however, if your school safeguarding or trips policy has different requirements then you will be asked to communicate this to us as part of your application so that we can assess that your ratio is suitable. 

Our Risk Assessment Guidelines state: Students must be supervised at all times with a suitable ratio of staff to students as the Globe will not act in loco parentis. All areas must be appropriately staffed by the school so that students are not left alone with members of Globe Staff or the public. Our safeguarding policy can be found here. 

Which form should I fill out?

If you are a state secondary school from London or Birmingham, please complete the application form for free-to-access tickets, which can be found here. 

All other schools (including secondary state schools outside London and Birmingham, independent schools, and primary schools wishing to bring year 6) will need to complete the application form for subsidised tickets, which will be available from the 29th September. 

Please ensure that you complete the correct application form, as submitting the wrong form could lead to delays in your application being processed. 

What if I’m home-schooled/not eligible?

Secondary state schools outside London and Birmingham, independent schools, and primary schools (year 6 only) are eligible for subsidised tickets to any of our schools’ performances. Home education groups are also eligible for subsidised tickets. Applications for these will open on 2 October 2023. 

All other groups are able to book tickets to our public performances of Romeo and Juliet. Bookings for these will open in late October, and will be bookable on a first-come, first-served basis, through our Box Office and via our website. 

Do you have anywhere schools can use as a prayer space?

Yes – please ensure that you let us know this on your application form. 

Do you have any wheelchair spaces?

Yes, the Globe Theatre is wheelchair accessible. Please indicate on your application form how many wheelchair spaces you need, along with any other information you feel will be helpful. 

Two parking spaces (large enough to accommodate a minibus) are available on a first come, first served basis. If you require one of these, please also indicate this on your application form.  

The nearest tube station is London Bridge, and there is flat access all the way to the Globe from here.  

When does the show run?

Romeo and Juliet will run for schools’ performances from 29 February – 27 March 2024. There will also be performances available for public booking following this; bookings for these will open in late October. 

Do you have evening shows?

Yes, we have evening shows for schools’ audiences on 5, 7 and 21 March at 7pm for those eligible for free tickets and on 12 March at 7pm for schools requesting subsidised tickets. You can request these performances using the standard application form. 

Is there an interval?

No, the show runs for 90-minutes without an interval. However, we do have an open-door policy, meaning students can leave to go to the toilet, or take a break if they need, at any point during the show. 

Is the theatre open air?

Shakespeare called his theatre a ‘wooden O’ and like his historic playhouse our Globe Theatre is a 360° auditorium. With no roof over the central yard, the theatre is open-air and audiences who attend performances and tours are told to dress for the weather! Events will go ahead in rain, shine and snow. 

Seats are arranged in galleries all around the wide, open stage, so spectators and performers can see each other at all times. The Globe Theatre is a space where the audience has always been a vital component of the performance. 

What if the lead contact for the booking has changed since I filled out my application?

We understand that this is a possibility throughout the leadup to your visit, however, please make us aware as soon as possible (via email) so that we can update our system. Otherwise, your school may not receive our automated emails containing important information regarding your trip.  

Is your question still unanswered?

Feel free to get in contact with us via [email protected]. 

Please also check back nearer your visit, as we will be updating our FAQs page regularly.