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Lively Action workshops encapsulate the spirit at the core of all our work – that plays should be explored actively. They can be based on any Shakespeare play and are delivered at the Globe, online or in your school.

What to expect from a lively action workshop

  • Practical, interactive workshop based on your chosen learning objective(s)
  • A range of activities and games designed to draw out elements of the plays’ characters and themes
  • Language-based activities that explore the text at word level
  • Explore a range of interpretations to encourage an informed personal response
  • A 30-minute talk in the Globe Theatre (conducted virtually for online workshops)

Key skills

  • Develop English language skills
  • Encourage creative analytical thinking
  • Knowledge of Shakespeare, his plays and the social and historical context
  • Explore performance skills
  • Build confidence, team work, social interaction and communication skills




Information for your visit

All workshops can be tailored to cater for a range of Special Educational Needs and requirements. Detailed information can be found in our FAQs.

Please also read our FAQs for site specific information (directions, on-site food and beverage provisions etc).

Contact us

 +44 (0)207 902 1433

‘It was really active and fun. It helped me to understand the language.’

— Student


At the Globe

£16 per student (minimum fee from £320)

Maximum of 35 people (including adults) per workshop.

Teachers/adults are free on a 1:10 ratio to pupils. Adults outside the ratio are charged at the student rate. Up to four adults can attend each workshop. All additional 1:1 support staff for SEND students admitted free.

A £2.50 administration charge applies per booking.

Dates and times

We are a working theatre, which means that whilst we will always do our best to accommodate you at a date/time of your preference, we may need to make some adjustments based on our programming.

In your school

We can offer to come to your school as part of a bespoke international package.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dates and times

We can be flexible based around your school timetable, including weekend provision, subject to availability.


1 x 90 minute workshop: £550.50
2 x 90 minute workshop: £952
3 x 90 minute workshop: £1269.50

A £2.50 administration charge applies per booking.

Dates and times

We will work with you to find the most suitable way to integrate the session/s into your school timetable on the relevant day.


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