Telling Tales (2021)

 24 JULY – 22 AUGUST 2021

It’s glorious summer and we’re allowed out so it’s time to fill the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse with brilliant stories.   


Telling Tales is back on stage live with a festival of storytelling for the summer holidays. We can offer the whole family some great destinations to experience: imaginary islands, the Athenian woods, the famous Italian cities of Verona and Venice, and an eerily atmospheric Scottish castle (but be warned the unpredictable owner may be home!).  

Telling Tales storytelling performances will take you on a sensory, interactive adventure giving younger audiences the chance to get into Shakespeare’s stories in the splendid surroundings of our indoor playhouse.  

All you need to pack is your imagination. 


Henry V Storytelling

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Rally the troops for battle in this interactive storytelling session of Henry V.

Macbeth Storytelling

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Come with us as we sweep you through the hurly-burly of Macbeth in a gloriously spooky and bloody storytelling set in medieval Scotland.

Merchant of Venice Storytelling

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Place stereotype under the microscope in this interactive storytelling event for all the family. 

Romeo and Juliet Storytelling

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Experience the most famous love story of all time in an exhilarating live storytelling.

Twelfth Night Storytelling

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Tumble through the topsy-turvy world of Twelfth Night in this high energy family storytelling.