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Shakespeare's Globe

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Globe Education

Education is at the heart of Shakespeare’s Globe. Whether you are looking for seminars for scholars or fun for families, you are sure to find something here to suit your needs.

Want to experience the Globe stage or techniques for yourself? Then join us for an exciting year-round programme of Learning, Research, Courses, Projects and Events.

Over 100,000 students and teachers learn with us each year

• Over £1,000,000 worth of tickets given away free in seven years

• Over 100 public events each year

• Over 10,000 hours of Globe performance recorded in our free public archive

• Over 200 early modern plays performed since 1995

• Over 700 young people perform on the Globe stage free every year

• Over 1300 Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Higher Education students each year

• Over 500 actor interviews available free online

• Over 70% of London state schools have taken part in our projects