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Our Theatre 2014:
A Celebration of Shakespeare’s Life and Works

Thanks to the generous support of PwC, Our Theatre took place at Shakespeare’s Globe on Thursday 27 February 2014.

The project is a celebration of the creativity and achievements of Southwark students and teachers and is free to all participating schools. Each group (a maximum of 35 students) from participating schools worked with a Globe Education Practitioner over fifteen weeks across two school terms to devise and rehearse a scene selected in consultation with their class teacher.

This year's Our Theatre celebrated the life and work of Shakespeare though an exploration of the ‘All the world’s a stage’ speech from As You Like It.

In line with National Curriculum Guidelines Our Theatre encourages students to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.
  • confident individuals who are able to work successfully in a team.
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to their community. 

The project:

  • enables teachers and support staff to cultivate an enhanced repertoire of teaching skills.
  • supports teaching staff in greater understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • develops a range of drama techniques to use when interpreting text and teaching Shakespeare to children of all ages.

Globe Education is committed to ensuring our work is accessible to the Southwark Community and this forms a core part of the selection process.  As a result we endeavour to select groups and schools that represent the whole of the borough, as well as considering whether groups and schools have applied and participated in previous years, what other project work the group or school is doing with the Globe, and in consultation with our funders. 

If you have any queries about the project, please contact Alice Watson: alice.w@shakespearesglobe.com or 0207 902 1435. 

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