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Shakespeare's Globe

"The practitioners certainly made Shakespeare real and made learning through Shakespeare visible."

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We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to deliver projects which unlock Shakespeare's language, stories and characters for students of all ages.

We run practical projects in partnership with a wide range of organisations across the UK and the world, including in Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Cyprus and Lebanon.

Made to Measure

All of our work is made to measure, and we adapt workshops to the particular requirements of each group. We also work in partnership with a range of organisations to create longer-term projects and residencies.


Inside the UK
1 workshop of up to 90-minutes: £350
2 workshops of up to 90-minutes: £550
3 workshops of up to 90-minutes: £650

Outside the UK
1 International Teaching Day (up to three 90-minute workshops): £750

Please note these costs are a basic starting fee, and we will determine the exact cost of each booking once a form has been submitted.

These costs do not include travel or accommodation for the practitioner, where required.



Further Information

For further information please contact us by email or by telephone on 020 7902 1463.