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Schools and Group Bookings

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We are delighted to receive schools from far and wide every year to share in our productions and we understand that coming here is a huge and important part of their understanding of Shakespeare and England. 

We love the excitement that student groups bring to our theatre, but sometimes their behaviour can be highly disruptive to our actors and to other patrons near the group. Unlike a conventional theatre we have no way of settling audiences such as dimming the lights. We want to work with you to ensure that your students are briefed before entering the theatre so they understand the etiquette required here, which will help them engage with the production.

How to Book 

Please download and complete the separate booking form from the right hand column. It contains all the information we will now require from you and the organisation you are representing. This form can be returned to us by email at


       For the Globe Theatre

  • There will be 220 tickets available per performance for groups.
  • The maximum size of group you can book for a single performance is 66 persons.
  • We will be unable to accommodate year group bookings for a single performance.
  • There must be one adult for every ten students.
  • We require a contact number for each group leader


    For the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse (Schools and under 18s)

  • The maximum group size is 22 people - 20 under 18s and 2 adults/teachers
  • We can take a maximum of 3 separate groups of 22, per performance.
  • We are unable to accommodate whole year group bookings for a single performance.
  • There must be one adult for every 10 students/under 18s 
  • We require a contact number for each group leader. 


Adult Groups
This is no maximum group size. If the group is mixed with under 18’s they will be classed as a Schools/Under 18’s group and need to comply with the guidelines applicable to them. 

We don’t want to spoil your students’ enjoyment of their visit here, but we do need your co-operation and support in helping manage the behaviour of your students by making sure they adhere to the code of conduct below.

Code of Conduct for Groups

We expect that group leaders remain with their pupils throughout the performance. As group leader you are responsible for their behaviour whilst on the Globe site.

The group leader should make contact with the nearest steward, they help monitor behaviour and to ensure the health, safety and enjoyment of all patrons. Stewards can be recognised by red aprons in the Globe Theatre and black aprons in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Please ensure that all mobile phones, iPods, tablets and electrical devices are switched off.

Please be aware that no photography is permitted during the performance.

Please ensure that your students do not talk during the performance.

Objects are not to be thrown from seating in the Middle and Upper galleries.

No items should be placed on the stage.

Our safety licence requires us to ensure there is no standing on any stairs, and no sitting in the Yard (in the Globe Theatre). 

If at any point our Code of Conduct is not respected, we reserve the right to remove individuals or whole groups from the auditorium for the remainder of the performance.