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Drama School Courses

We can offer specialist training for drama school acting, directing and design students.

Programmes vary in intensity and duration, running from two days to a full semester. Courses are tailored to address specific needs of a group of students, with each group supported by its own dedicated course director.

Each programme is grounded in the unique playing conditions of the Globe, enabling students to discover and develop key skills in their specialist area. Subjects studied include:

  • The architecture and performance capacities of the Globe Theatre and/or Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
  • The dynamic relationship between actor and audience in early modern theatre spaces
  • The historical conditions in which Shakespeare’s plays were produced
  • The materials of theatre practice past and present (such as clothing, cosmetics, props, and musical instruments)
  • Verse-speaking and movement and voice workshops


As well as working inside the Globe theatre, students have access to our Sackler Studios, and have the exciting opportunity to participate in our exploration of playing conditions in the Sam Wanamaker playhouse.

Create your own course

For further information about drama school courses, or to discuss creating your own bespoke course please email us, or telephone 020 7902 1464.