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Shakespeare's Globe


by Tristan Bernays

  • 2017/SummerofLove/Boudica

Friday 8 September – Sunday 1 October 2017

Globe Theatre

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Yard (standing) £5 | Gallery (seated) £20 – £45. Under 18s – £3 off all seats in the Globe Theatre To be confirmed
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Tristan Bernays

Eleanor Rhode

Tom Piper 

Jules Maxwell 

Tom Jackson Greaves 

Lighting Designer
Malcolm Rippeth

Sound Designer
David Gregory 

Fight Directors
Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown of Rc-Annie Ltd 

‘Id rather walk in blood than walk a slave
For he thy Emperor!’


AD 61, Britannia.

On the furthest outreaches of the Roman Empire – at the very edge of the known world – rebellion is brewing.

The King of the Iceni has died and his widow Boudica has tried to claim her rightful throne. For her insolence in defying Rome, the queen has been flogged, her daughters have been raped, and they have been banished from their homeland. But now, Queen Boudica has returned. And this time she has an army.

She will have revenge. She will have blood. She will make Rome quake in fear.


Boudica is a brand new ancient history play that tells the story of one of Britain's most infamous women: a queen, a warrior and a rebel.

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