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Tuesday 19 August

Friends of Shakespeare's Globe can meet the cast of the play following the matinee on this date.

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Shakespeare's Globe

King Lear

By William Shakespeare

From 6 August 2014

Performed at the Globe and touring on a small-scale, Elizabethan-style stage.

£5 standing
£15 - £38 seats


Directed by
Bill Buckhurst

Designed by
Jonathan Fensom

Composed by
Alex Silverman


Joseph Marcell
King Lear 

  • Theatre/2014/Globe/King Lear/Joseph Marcell/CG

Old King Lear, weary of royal duties, proposes to break up his kingdom and divide it among his three daughters. But this rash generosity is cruelly repaid and Lear discovers too late the false values by which he has lived – and, in turn, the suffering common to all humanity.

Its tempestuous poetry shot through with touches of humour and moments of heart-rending simplicity, King Lear is one of the deepest artistic explorations of the human condition.

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