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Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing

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Shakespeare's Globe

Midnight Matinees

  • Midnight Matinee 730x330

Globe Theatre

Yard (standing) £5 | Gallery (seated) £20 – £45. Under 18s – £3 off all seats in the Globe Theatre

‘The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve’


This summer revel in the extraordinary, magical atmosphere of the Globe at night with our special midnight matinee performances. Starting at 11.59pm, as the stars shine above and the city fades away to sleep, prepare to be transported into the world of cross-dressed heroines, star-crossed lovers and quarrelling sweethearts, and experience Shakespeare in a truly enchanting environment.

Much Ado About Nothing

Friday 22 September, 11.59pm

Claudio, pining for his love Hero, returns home from the first wave of the revolution. Though Claudio’s friend Benedick loves Beatrice and Beatrice Benedick, but (because neither will admit it) nothing seems capable of bringing them together. Only the intrigues of a resentful prince force Benedick to prove his love for Beatrice – by vowing to kill his best friend.

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