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Shakespeare's Globe

Dido, Queen of Carthage

By Christopher Marlowe

9 -18 April

£10 standing
£15, £20, £25, £35 seats 


Directed by 
Jacqui Somerville 


Performed by the Globe Young Players

  • Dido Queen of Carthage

It is the aftermath of the Trojan war, and Aeneas is wrecked on the coast of Carthage. Dido, queen of a great trading power, is ready to help Aeneas build a second Troy in Italy – until Venus intervenes, and mere cooperation is transformed into a fierce, possessive love. 

The student Marlowe turned to Virgil’s Aeneid, one of the cornerstones of western literature, for his first play, an intense tale of meddling gods, public duty and tragic love. Performed in the 1590s by the Children of the Chapel, Marlowe’s exuberant theatrical debut is ideal material for the Globe Young Players, first seen this year in a brilliantly accomplished production of The Malcontent.

The Globe Young Players are a company of talented 12 to 16-year olds specially selected and trained by the Globe’s resident experts and performance of early modern drama.

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