'Its motorik spin and soft synths recall Broadcast and Chromatics, and shimmer with universal magic'
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Gwenno supported by Pumarosa & Pixx

Wonder Women: Live Music at the Globe

  • Wonder Women/Gwenno/Main
  • Wonder Women/Gwenno/1
  • WonderWomen/Pixx/1

Monday 1 August 2016, 8.00pm

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

£10 Standing | £15 Pit Standing | £15 – £20 Seated

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Wonder Women is curated by Lauren Laverne, in association with The Pool.

The Pool

Please note: this event has now closed.

About the Artists

Cardiff sound artist, DJ, radio presenter and singer Gwenno creates sci-fi keyboard sounds wrapped in exquisite, echoed vocals. Her songs are almost entirely performed in Welsh with a deep melancholy and deceptively intricate arrangement of electronic sound, complimented beautifully with live instruments. Previously a member of Brighton-based conceptual pop band The Pipettes and more recently a member of durational performance sound art collective Canolfan Hamdden (Leisure Centre) alongside Y Pencadlys, Rhys Edwards and Pat Morgan of Datblygu, her songs have a strong political influence, spearheading the Welsh-language music movement.

Gwenno will be supported by new electropop innovators Pumarosa and Pixx. Newly signed to Chess Club Records and fronted by singer, guitarist, and Wonder Woman Isabel Munoz-Newsom, the 5-piece East London dance-rock band Pumarosa wowed the music world with their 2015 release ‘Priestess’. Pixx (Hannah Rodgers), starts the night off with her powerful electronic folk influence.