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Handel's Garden 

Pinnock's Passions

6 & 7 July


£10 standing
£25-£45 seats
£60 premium tickets

Performed by 

Lucy Crowe

Katharina Spreckelsen

Katy Bircher 

Trevor Pinnock

  • Theatre/2014/SWP/Pinnock's Passions - Handel's Garden/CG

Music by Handel, Keiser, Steffani and Telemann

In 1750 Handel sent his garden-loving friend Telemann a crate of ‘the best plants in all England’. Here in London, Handel’s own gardening was confined to the musical seeds and cuttings which he frequently took from other composers as well as from his own works.

The programme for Handel's Garden includes some of the unexplored sources which inspired the great composer. The evening comprises music from Handel’s Alcina, Semele and his Oboe concert in G minor, as well as Telemann’s Trio Sonata in E minor for flute, oboe and basso continuo from Tafelmusik.

A series of special musical evenings curated by one of the leading figures in early music, Trevor Pinnock.

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