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Shakespeare's Globe

The Changeling

By Thomas Middleton & William Rowley

15 January – 1 March

£10 standing
£25-45 seats
£60 premium tickets 



Directed by
Dominic Dromgoole  

  • The Changeling

Her fingers touched me! She smells all amber.

The beautiful Beatrice-Joanna loves Alsemero, but she’s betrothed to another. So her fiancé must die – not by her hand, of course, but by that of the repulsive servant De Flores. Unfortunately it’s not money De Flores claims as his reward, but sex – and with the sweet virgin Beatrice-Joanna herself.

Charged with Middleton’s ferocious dramatic irony, and leavened by Rowley’s wild comic sub-plot, nothing in English drama comes near to this tale of a liaison based on repulsion and fascination. In fact, with its ghosts, dumb shows, scenes of Bedlam, and atmosphere of depraved violence, The Changeling runs the gamut of the Jacobean stage.

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