4 Stars
'Audrey Brisson and Marc Antolin are so utterly delightful as the lovers you could gobble them up'
The Guardian

4 Stars
'In its blending of the carnivalesque with the melancholic, of the sensual with the comical, the show shows [Emma Rice’s] directing in its strongest light'
The Times

4 Stars
'Kneehigh’s typically high-octane approach evokes the challenges facing an artist’
The Stage 

4 Stars
'Kneehigh call in at the Globe with this romantic, eccentric tale of floating Russian lovers... a soaring, swooping crowd-pleaser'
Time Out

4 Stars
'Creative, playful but soulful in all the right measures... exquisitely directed... splendid performances'
Evening Standard

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The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk

Kneehigh at The Globe

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16 June – 2 July 2016

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Tickets Running Time
Fixed Position Standing £10 | Seated £15 – £48 | £62 premium tickets also available Approx 2 hours including a 15 minute interval

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Written by
Daniel Jamieson

Emma Rice

Composer & Music Director
Ian Ross 

Sophia Clist

Lighting Designer
Malcolm Rippeth

Sound Designer
Simon Baker

Emma Rice & Etta Murfitt 


Marc Antolin
Marc Chagall 

Audrey Brisson
Bella Chagall 

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James Gow

Ian Ross


Presented by
Kneehigh and Bristol Old Vic

Artworks by Dan Hillier

Please note: this production has now closed.

'In our life there is a single colour, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the colour of love.'
- Marc Chagall


Perhaps you’ve seen them floating over a Russian village? Or perhaps you’ve seen her toppling forward, arms full of wild flowers, as he arches above her head and steals a kiss?

Meet Marc and Bella Chagall – The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk! Partners in life and on canvas, Marc and Bella are immortalised as the picture of romance. But whilst on canvas they flew, in life they walked through some of the most devastating times in history.


Daniel Jamieson’s The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk traces this young couple as they navigate the Pogroms, the Russian Revolution, and each other. This magical production is drawn in a theatrical language as fluid as Chagall’s paintings, and woven throughout with music and dance inspired by the Russian Jewish tradition. 


Also on tour

The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk is currently on a national UK tour. To see all upcoming dates and venues, visit Kneehigh's website →