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Shakespeare's Globe

The Knight of the Burning Pestle 

20 February – 30 March 2014

Written by
Francis Beaumont

£10 standing
£25 - £45 seats
£60 premium tickets

Running Time
3 hours including three short interludes and a main interval


Adele Thomas

Designed by
Hannah Clark

Composed by
Nigel Hess


Giles Cooper

John Dougall

Phil Daniels

Samuel Hargreaves

Dennis Herdman

Sarah MacRae

Pauline McLynn
Citizen's Wife

Matthew Needham

Dean Nolan

Brendan O'Hea

Hannah McPake
Mistress Merrythought

Paul Rider
Old Merrythought

Dickon Tyrrell

Alex Waldmann

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This production has now closed.

Quiet please. The audience is waiting. They’ve come to see The London Merchant. It’s the new comedy of manners from Mr Beaumont. It should be hilarious. But hang on. What’s all the commotion? Who is this dim-wit? Rafe who? He can’t be in the play. He’s just a grocer’s apprentice. He wants to what? To play a knight? We don’t need a knight! A knight of the burning what…?

‘Begot and born in eight days’, Beaumont’s uproarious and experimental play was written to be performed at the Blackfriars playhouse by the Children of the Queen’s Revels. Combining salty colloquial prose with charming songs, The Knight of the Burning Pestle was one of the first madcap, mash-up, screwball comedies to hit the English stage and the first to run not one but two plays within-the-play simultaneously.

Actor Interviews

Listen rehearsal interviews with Phil Daniels (Citizen) and Dickon Tyrrell (Humphrey).

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