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Shakespeare's Globe

Comedy Store Players

Monday 26 May, 8.00pm

£5 standing
£15 - £42 seats


Josie Lawrence
Paul Merton
Richard Vranch
Lee Simpson
Neil Mullarkey
Andy Smart

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For one night only The Comedy Store Players stride onto the Globe stage with only the faintest idea of where the night will take them and their willing audience.  With the kind of skill that makes it look as easy as falling over, the troupe of six comedians, encouraged by the crowd, fill the Globe with Shakespeare influenced improv and the sound of laughter.

Their 17th consecutive year at the Globe, this is always highlight of the season. The Players finish the show with a six-person improvised Shakespeare play, with a title suggested by the audience. 

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Meet the Players

Below, our line-up - 'the best ad-lib ensemble in the UK' (Evening Standard) - share with us what they love about performing at the Globe.

Josie Lawrence - 'I have had the honour of working at the Globe many times now - a glorious summer playing Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and my annual visit with The Comedy Store Players. It's my favourite stage to perform on. It's immediately magical - the sky above me and around me, what I like to call, a huge hug of an audience'.

Paul Merton - 'Every time I step on stage at the Globe I can't help noticing how high I am - a unique perspective. The audience standing in front and around are at eye level with my feet, while the rest are seated in half circles that reach towards the open London sky. We are simultaneously in THEATRE and NATURE. We always have a great time'.

Richard Vranch - 'The Players have been doing the Globe each summer since the 90s. It always seems fresh. The space encourages the whole crowd to shout suggestions for the improv, and we have to give as good as we get. It's an echo of how it must have felt to perform at the Globe 400 years ago'.

Lee Simpson - 'For me, performing at the Globe engenders a visceral connection to the theatre of four centuries ago; to that big bang moment in human consciousness; to the clowns who peopled the plays that shaped our perception of the human psyche. Those clowns are our direct ancestors. Because they did knob gags as well apparently'.

Neil Mullarkey - 'I love to perform at the Globe because the audience is so close, and so excited even before we start. Then the laughter just builds and builds for two hours. This unique theatre feels like it was built for improv. What an honour to perform on the very stage where Shakespeare won the final of "Elizabethan Britain's Got Talent".

Andy Smart - 'For me, the Globe is my favourite gig of the year. The fact that no one in the 1400 audience is more than 50 feet from the centre of the stage means that when we get a big laugh, it almost physically knocks you over. Also the stage is huge with trap doors and a balcony to play with! It is our Wembley, on Cup Final day!'