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Dark Night of the Soul
The Feminine Response to the Faustian Myth

Part of Ambitious Fiends

  • 2018/Winter/DarkNight

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Doctor Faustus Doctor Faustus

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5 January – 1 February 2019

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Running time
Running timeEach play will last between 20-25 minutes. Anthology performances last approximately 2 hours 20 minutes

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Jude Christian

Lily Bevan
Writer and Player

Lisa Hammond
Writer and Player

Katie Hims
Writer and Player

Wendy Kweh

Louis Maskell

Pauline McLynn

Rachael Spence
Writer and Player

Athena Stevens
Writer and Player

Mandi Symonds

Lucie Sword

Alisair Toovey

Jay Villiers

Amanda Wilkin
Writer and Player

That time may cease, and
midnight never come

Doctor Faustus


Throughout history there has been little exploration or discovery of what the Faustian myth means for the woman, the female, or the feminine.

Dark Night of the Soul is a festival of new writing, with five new short plays written in response to the Faustian bargain by an ensemble of women writers that includes Lily Bevan, Athena Stevens, Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence, Katie Hims and Amanda Wilkin.

Written especially for the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse – and performed in tandem with Macbeth and Doctor Faustus, Shakespeare's and Marlowe's interpretations of the Faustian myth – Dark Night of the Soul brings together a chorus of female voices at the crossroads, asking the question: What would you sell your soul for?

Please be advised that some performances include strong language.

How to see the plays

Anthology Nights

The full whack. See all five pieces of new writing back-to-back across one evening in the intimate candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Price: Standing: £5 | Seated: £10 - £30

Captioned Performance: Friday 1 February, 7.30pm

-> Book tickets for Anthology Nights

Tiring House Performances

Ever been to the Globe Theatre and wanted to explore all the backstage places which are normally off limits?

The hidden space behind the iconic central double doors on the Globe Theatre stage is called the Tiring House, and we will be staging each of the new plays once in this iconic setting,.

There are only 30 tickets available for each play, so book your tickets quickly for this exclusive and intimate experience.

Price: Standing: £3

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Other opportunities to see the plays.

Ticket holders will be given the chance to stay in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and watch one of the Dark Night of the Soul plays.

Book tickets for Macbeth or Doctor Faustus on the dates below and get free access to the post-show performance.

Saturday 5 January, after evening Doctor Faustus – The French Welcome by Lily Bevan
Sunday 6 January, after matinee Doctor Faustus Souled Out by Rachael Spence and Lisa Hammond
Thursday 10 January, after matinee Macbeth – Recompense by Athena Stevens (sold out)
Saturday 12 January, after evening Doctor Faustus Three Minutes After Midnight by Katie Hims
Sunday 13 January, after matinee Doctor Faustus – The Little Sob by Amanda Wilkin
Thursday 17 January, after matinee Macbeth – The French Welcome by Lily Bevan (sold out)
Sunday 20 January, after matinee Doctor Faustus – Souled Out by Rachael Spence and Lisa Hammond
Thursday 24 January, after matinee Macbeth – Three Minutes after Midnight by Katie Hims

The plays

Lily Bevan

The French Welcome

Doctor Faustus is the most popular play in London, but it divides its audience. In the Mountjoy household they discuss the play and when the household comes to crisis, a new bargain is forged. Find out more.

Katie Hims

Three Minutes After Midnight

A writer and her niece are waiting. While in the room next door a nurse attends to the writer's sister. The sister is dying and the writer finds she cannot resist scribbling down a scene about her sister's death. A scene which reveals the secret of her sister's life. And then the writer's niece finds the scene in a notebook ...Find out more.

Rachael Spence and Lisa Hammond

Souled Out

Best mates Rachael and Lisa realised they might be soul-less. How could they sell something they don’t have? And if they don’t possess one, what could they offer in exchange for something they really, really wanted? Find out more.

Athena Stevens


Twenty five years ago the course of Sophie’s life was changed by a single human error. A settlement was given, and justice was paid. But Sophie disagrees, and now she is determined to take justice into her own hands. Find out more.

Amanda Wilkin

The Little Sob

A woman has been called to tell a secret. To open up about herself. For entertainment. For jokes. Or a kind of trial. She wishes to tell a story. She’s searching, maybe to unburden herself. But in order to heal, she’s required to admit something. Find out more.

Ambitious Fiends

In our first festival of the season, we will explore early modern and modern responses to the themes of power and corruption.

Ambitious Fiends runs November 2018 – February 2019 and includes MacbethDoctor FaustusDark Night of the Soul and Ralegh: The Treason Trial