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A new play by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

  • 2018/Summer/Emilia


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<p>‘written with an astuteness that makes you sit up in reverence’</p>
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‘Written with an astuteness that makes you sit up in reverence’



4 stars

‘An outright feminist triumph and a brilliant call-to-arms’


The Guardian

4 Stars

‘Rouses its audience to a pitch of fervour’


The Times

4 Stars

‘This is an act of revolution’



4 Stars

‘Extraordinarily rousing’

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10 August – 1 September 2018

Globe Theatre

Tickets Running time
TicketsYard (standing) £5 | Gallery (seated) from £22. Under 18s – £3 off all seats in the Globe Theatre Running timeApprox 2 hours 50 mins including an interval

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Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Nicole Charles

Jo Scotcher

Assistant Director
Anna Dirckinck-Holmfeld

Bill Barclay

Anna Morrisey

Costume Supervisor
Lydia Crimp

Physical Comedy Director
Joe Dieffenbacher

Fight Directors
Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown of Rc-Annie Ltd


Nadia Albina
Lady Katherine 

Anna Andresen
Mary Sidney 

Shiloh Coke 
Lady Anne Clifford

Leah Harvey
Emilia 1

Jenni Maitland
Countess of Kent 

Clare Perkins
Emilia 3 

Carolyn Pickles 
Lord Henry Carey

Vinette Robinson 
Emilia 2 

Sophie Russell 
Lord Thomas Howard

Sarah Seggari 
Lady Cordelia 

Sophie Stone 
Lady Margaret Clifford 

Charity Wakefield 
William Shakespeare 

Amanda Wilkin
Alphonso Lanier

‘ Men, who forgetting they were born of women, nourished of women, and if they were not of the means of women, they would be quite extinguished out of the world, and a final end of them all; do like vipers deface the wombs wherein they were bred.’
Emilia Bassano, To the Vertuous Reader

Audience reactions


William Shakespeare. Kit Marlowe. Emilia Bassano?

In 1611 Emilia Bassano penned these words to her ‘Vertuous Reader’, as part of a volume of radical, feminist and subversive poetry.

The little we know of Emilia Bassano is restricted to the possibility that she may have been the ‘Dark Lady’ of Shakespeare’s Sonnets – and the rest of Her Story has been erased by History. Commissioned specifically for Shakespeare’s Globe, and with an all-female cast, this world premiere will reveal the life of Emilia: poet, mother and feminist. This time, the focus will be on this exceptional woman who managed to outlive all the men the history books tethered her to.

This play contains adult themes and some strong language. 

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In conversation

Listen to playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Director Nicole Charles discuss their new play, Emilia.

Follow Emilia through the season

Emilia Bassano was also the possible inspiration for the ‘Emilia’ characters who appear in Othello, The Two Noble Kinsmen, The Winter’s Tale and The Comedy of Errors, so this season Emilia will thread her way through all of the plays in which she appears (apart from The Comedy of Errors!) 

New writing at the Globe

‘A new writing venue 400 years ago, the Globe continues to be a new writing venue today, and the 2018 season is no exception. I’m so excited to premiere two plays written for the unique playing conditions of the Globe Theatre: Emilia, a new play by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm about the often beguiling and always fascinating Emilia Bassano, whom many consider to have been a muse and inspiration for Shakespeare.’

Michelle Terry

I'm so excited to have been challenged by Michelle [Terry] to discover this brilliant woman and amplify her story.

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm 

Audience reactions