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The Tragedy of Sir John van Olden Barnavelt

(first performed 1619, first published 1883)
by John Fletcher and Philip Massinger

  • 2018/Event/ReadNotDeadV2

Sunday 18 November, 4.00pm

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In the febrile atmosphere of post-war Holland, tensions run high, rebellion breaks out, and Barnavelt must stand trial. This real-life political thriller, staged only months after Barnavelt’s actual execution, was censored by the Master of the Revels for its political content.


The Read Not Dead ground rules are simple. Actors rehearse the play on a Sunday morning and present it, script in hand, to an audience later that afternoon.

The performances are instinctive, adrenaline driven and inventive. Actors and audiences alike share in the excitement of reviving these forgotten plays that definitely deserve to be Read Not Dead.

Rarely played

Learn about The Tragedy of Sir John van Olden Barnavelt with our inspiring and engaging two-hour seminar introduction prior to the Read Not Dead performance.

All Rarely Played seminars: £5.

Rarely Played introductions are from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.