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When Paul's Boys Met Edward's Boys

  • 2018/EdwardsBoys

Tuesday 26 June, 6.30pm

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

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Tickets£20 (£18 Members / Students), £10 standing Running timeApprox. 90 minutes
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A medley of music, dramatic extracts and conversation, this evening is a celebration of the collaboration between two notable and talented boys’ companies. One of the most significant boys’ companies from the early modern period was Paul’s Boys, the choirboys of St Paul’s Cathedral. They performed plays by Lyly, Marston, Middleton and others to great acclaim.

Nowadays there is only one boys’ company staging this repertoire: Edward’s Boys – students from King Edward VI School, Stratford-Upon-Avon. For the first time the present-day choirboys of St Paul’s and Edward’s Boys are teaming up and performing together. The experience will be educational; and possibly extraordinary.

Scene List

The Edward’s Boys will perform scenes from:

The Woman in the Moon by John Lyly

Mother Bombie by John Lyly

Westward Ho! Thomas Dekker and John Webster

Summer’s Last Will and Testament by Thomas Nash

Poetaster by Ben Jonson

Galatea by John Lyly

Antonio’s Revenge by John Marston

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside by Thomas Middleton

Dido Queen of Carthage by Christopher Marlowe


The St Paul’s Boys will perform:

Gloria by John Merbecke

With Heart and Mouth by Thomas Ravenscroft

Sing We Now Merrily by Thomas Morley

Lord in thy wrath correct me not by William Byrd

Springtime mant’leth every bough by Thomas Morley

Litany by Plainsong

Miraculous Love’s Wounding by Thomas Morley

Go, Crystal Tears by John Dowland