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Fingerprints: Woodcut Printing Workshop

Part of Refugee Week

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Sunday 17 June, 11.00am


Tickets Running time
For 8 - 10 participants. All materials are provided
Running time4 hours


A hands-on workshop led by Syrian artist Dima Karout where participants are invited to create, carve and print patterns to form a collective artwork. Using memories of cities visited or lived in, seeking inspiration in personal experience, visual memory, family objects and photos, participants will create a simplified sketch, before carving the drawings into pieces of linoleum that will be inked and printed. By the end of the workshop, everyone will create various prints that they will sign and keep.

About Dima Karout

Dima Karout is a visual artist and an art educator. She works with mixed media and creates images, texts and installations. In her research, artwork and classes, she advocates for socially engaged art.

Dima focuses on subjects related to the evolution of identity beyond borders and the metaphor of home; she traces moments of internal and external conflicts, and explores the relationship between people and places.