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The Studio at Shakespeare’s Globe

Courses and workshops ideal for theatre professionals

Join The Studio at Shakespeare’s Globe for new courses that offer artists an opportunity to train, play and discover their craft.

Members of The Studio community will have access to intensive onsite and online programmes of professional development for theatre artists across a range of disciplines ranging from directing to writing, movement to voice.

Shakespeare comes to life when we speak and move with the audience in the present…Directors who work at the Globe have to dismount their trained circus ponies and learn to ride wild horses

– Sir Mark Rylance, Founding Artistic Director and Senior Research Fellow, Shakespeare’s Globe  


Register for courses

To be the first to know about upcoming studio courses, or to book a place on one of our studios you need to register as a member of The Studio.

Registration is free and will only take a few moments to complete.

To register you must be over 18 and should have
Two verifiable professional acting, directing or writing credits
Completed undergraduate degree in the relevant discipline at a drama school that is a member of the Federation of Drama Schools.
Have completed an undergraduate or masters degree in Acting



We offer a variety of courses for actors, directors and playwrights delivered online and at the Globe. Artists who work with us will participate in our ongoing theatrical experiment – exploring how the unique architectural conditions of the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse help to shape performance choices and unlock the versatility of Shakespeare’s words.

In the absence of lighting and sound, artists will think about the body as technology, the relationship between the actor and the audience and its impact on dialogue and storytelling.


Our site-specific courses do not only equip you for performance in our playhouses. These are some of the skills that our courses will help you develop:

  • Approaches to working with Shakespeare’s texts
  • Working without ‘theatrical scaffolding’ – useful for film and TV work
  • Enhanced vocal technique
  • Understanding of the relationship between body, text and space
  • Understanding of the relationship between classical training and contemporary theatre practice
  • Developed clarity of thought in storytelling
  • New insight into acoustics, sight lines and architecture
  • How to bring the verse to life for a twenty-first century audience
  • Enhanced understanding of performing, directing or writing in large spaces and intimate venues.

We provide a safe and supportive environment and welcome artists from all backgrounds and with a range of experiences.

Courses within The Studio will be of value to you:

Whether you have been working regularly, or are returning from a career break.

Whether you have appeared in many Shakespeare plays, or have yet to play your first Shakespearean role.

Whether you most often work in theatre, in film or TV.


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Upcoming courses

Check back for news about upcoming directing and playwriting courses.

Look out for future The Studio courses where we will offer bursaries for actors who identify as coming from a BME and/or working-class background. If you wish to be notified when these bursaries are announced please register your interest.

At this stage we are not offering any courses for actors currently in training, although hope to do so in the future.

You can ask your drama school to get in touch with our Higher Education team to discuss the possibility of working with the Globe to design a course for your institution. 

Please contact the  Access Team  if you would like to discuss your access requirements to participate in these courses.