Voices in the Dark


Inspired by the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, our Voices in the Dark series is an opportunity to look at history through the lens of 21st century lived experiences. It hopes to create a call and response through time where we sit the themes of 400 years ago next to the art and activism of today and see what light each might shed on the other…

This winter, as part of our exploration of Shakespeare’s Shrews and She-Wolves, and why those labels exist and endure, we welcome a wealth of visiting artists into the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse to shine candlelight on how we perceive women and how history hasn’t always told the entire story.

 Join us for Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves and Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men. 



Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
This winter, we invite 20 writers to remember, rediscover and bring out into the light women and non-binary people who have been undervalued or misrepresented by time, people on whom history has imposed a story that doesn’t adequately reflect who they were and how they lived.

Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell my Daughter about Men

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
This black comedy traces a woman’s relationship history backwards, while exploring the results of sexual assault, relationships, teen pregnancy and addiction.