Shakespeare's Globe

Alternative Miss World

Psychedelic Peace

  • 2018/Summer/AlternativeMissWorld

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Saturday 20 October, 7.00pm

Globe Theatre

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TicketsYard (standing) £25 | Seated from £27 - £50 Running timeTo be confirmed
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The Alternative Miss World returns to Shakespeare’s Globe. Since 1972, artist Andrew Logan has hosted his celebrated pageants, attracting global audiences and contestants, whenever he feels the time is right. For 2018 the theme is Psychedelic Peace. Logan says: ‘It is about Peace and Love for Humanity.’

Alternative Miss World competitions have become something of legend, remaining influential, inventive and hotly anticipated. Entrants follow traditional daywear, swimwear and eveningwear sections plus prepare for that oh-so-important personality interview. This is where the parallels stop: The Alternative Miss World’s focus lies not on beauty, but around transformation in a world where creativity, equality and the unique can be celebrated. Without any rehearsals, anything can happen, and often does!

The winner will be adorned with the much-coveted, Logan-designed crown jewels.