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Emilia: The Music of The Dark Lady

Songs and sonnets of Emilia Bassano

  • 2018/Summer/Emilia

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Emilia Emilia

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Sunday 8 July, 6.45pm

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

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The English Concert

Nicholas Mulroy

William Carter

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In anticipation of Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s latest play Emilia, performing on the Globe stage this summer, The English Concert delve into the world of Emilia Bassano, the supposed ‘Dark Lady’ of the Sonnets herself and muse to one William Shakespeare. The candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse sets the scene for one of England’s first feminist writers, pairing the music of her contemporaries, friends, and relatives at the Elizabethan/Stuart court with her poetry.

Founded in 1973, The English Concert continues to perform Baroque and Classical music with the passion, sophistication and technical mastery established at its creation. Through their performances on original instruments, with styles of playing and singing appropriate to a composer or period, they aim to get to the essential core of the music. 

Programmes will include:

William Lawes         
Royall Consort Sett No. 6

Nicholas Lanier      
'Weep no more, my wearied eyes'
'No more shall meads be deck’d with flowers'

Thomas Baltzar      
'John come kiss me now'

John Dowland         
Fantasia 5, Forlorne Hope, Farwell 

Nicholas Lanier      
'Mark How the blushful morn'
'Amorosa pargoletta'
'Love’s sweet repose'

William Lawes         
Royall Consort Sett No. 7

Each instrumentalist played as though personally responsible for the entire show, wringing out every ounce of drama...’
- Financial Times on The English Concert