Shakespeare's Globe

A Game at Chess

(first performed 1624, first published 1925)
by Thomas Middleton

  • 2018/Event/ReadNotDeadV2

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Sunday 2 December, 4.00pm

Please note: this event is no longer going ahead.


In a fantasy world of Kings and their Pawns every move must be calculated, and the costs of ‘checkmate’ are incalculably high. Playing out anxieties about England’s relationship with Spain, this ‘scandalous, impious, and barbarous’ comedy ran for an unprecedented nine performances before it was halted by the authorities.


The Read Not Dead ground rules are simple. Actors rehearse the play on a Sunday morning and present it, script in hand, to an audience later that afternoon.

The performances are instinctive, adrenaline driven and inventive. Actors and audiences alike share in the excitement of reviving these forgotten plays that definitely deserve to be Read Not Dead.

Rarely played

Learn about A Game of Chess with our inspiring and engaging two-hour seminar introduction prior to the Read Not Dead performance.

All Rarely Played seminars: £5.

Rarely Played introductions are from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.