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Research In Action

Commedia dell’arte on the English Stage

  • 2018/ResearchInAction

Monday 11 June, 6.00pm

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How were Shakespeare and his contemporaries influenced by the scenarios of Commedia dell’arte, Italy’s partly-improvised popular theatrical tradition? Using extracts from Flaminio Scala’s La pazzia di Isabella (The madness of Isabella) and The Honest Whore Part 1 by Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton, we will explore the points of contact between English and Italian drama.


Our Research in Action workshops give you the chance to be part of Globe Education’s exploration into the theatres of 16th and 17th century London.

The workshops mix theatre practice and scholarship in an engaging investigation of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse’s theatrical capacities. Using extracts from well-known and less-familiar plays, Globe actors and leading academics test the dramatic and technical potential of our indoor space.

Expect discoveries – and expect to be asked for your feedback!