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Sunday 9 September, 1.00pm & 6.30pm

Globe Theatre

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TicketsYard (standing) £5 | Gallery (seated) from £22 Running timeApprox. 2 hours 20 minutes including an interval
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William Shakespeare 

The Ensemble:

Bill Barclay

Luke Brady

Sarah Case

Steffan Cennydd

Andrew D Edwards

Cynthia Emeagi

Sarah Finigan

Colm Gormley

Russell Layton

Isabel Marr 
Assistant Director

Kevin McCurdy
Fight Director

Rhianna McGreevy

Brendan O’Hea

Jacqueline Phillps

Fay Powell-Thomas
Production Manager

Laura Rushton
Costume Supervisor

Paul Russell
Lighting Designer

Siân Williams

Roles revealed - Who’s playing who...

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<p>Writer<br /><strong>William Shakespeare&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p>Director<br /><strong>Brendan O&rsquo;Hea</strong></p>
<p>Designer<br /><strong>Andrew D Edwards</strong></p>
<p>Composer<br /><strong>Bill Barclay </strong></p>
<p>Choreographer<br /><strong>Si&acirc;n Williams</strong></p>

Voter's Choice at Shakespeare's Globe

‘Thy frank election make’ 
All’s Well That Ends Well, Act II, scene 3

This summer, in a first for Shakespeare’s Globe, we're giving audiences the chance to vote for which play they want to see on the night: The Merchant of VeniceThe Taming of the Shrew or Twelfth Night.

We know that in Shakespeares day the choice of play or entertainment was left to the most powerful person of the household, so in keeping with tradition, we are putting the choice of play back into the hands of the most powerful members of our house: the audience. 

We will have four ‘Voter’s Choice’ performances in the Globe Theatre: just before the performance is due to begin, audiences will vote for the play they want to see, and once the collective decision has been made, the performance will start straight away.

About the production


How did a company tour in Shakespeare’s day? We know that when the theatres closed, a small group of actors, juggling a variety of roles in three or four plays from their extensive repertoire, would leave London and head off on tour. We also know that the choice of play or entertainment was left to the most powerful person of the household.

So, following in the tradition of our resident playwright, and in a first for Shakespeare’s Globe, between May and September 2018 a company of eight actors will offer audiences a choice of three plays: The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night. They will perform all three at the Globe before setting out on a national and international tour. And also in keeping with tradition – and with thrilling unpredictability – the choice of play will be put back into the hands of the most powerful members of the house: the audience.

Brendan O’Hea, director, actor, and passionate education practitioner, has previously performed in a number of productions at Shakespeare’s Globe including Cymbeline (2015), Measure for Measure(2015), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014), and Henry V (2012).

‘The combination of Shakespeare, the Globe and touring ticks every box for me. The chance to share those glorious words and my experience of playing that beautiful theatre with audiences throughout the world excites me beyond measure. And I’m relishing the opportunity to direct three of Shakespeare’s most popular plays in a unique and unpredictable presentation.’
Brendan O’Hea