Shakespeare's Globe

Burbage and Wanamaker

A Globe Celebration

  • 2019/Summer/SWFL/Big

Saturday 9 March 2019, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Nancy Knowles Lecture Theatre

Tickets£65 (£55 Members / Students)
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About the event

2019 marks 100 years since the birth of the Globe's founder, Sam Wanamaker, and 400 years since the death of celebrated Globe Theatre actor, Richard Burbage.

As part of this year's celebrations, this special event invites audience members to lift the lid on Globe theatre practice, experience what it's like to be a rehearsing actor at the Globe, and learn about the history of these two remarkable men.

Join us as we go behind the scenes of our unique spaces. The day includes exclusive practical sessions with Globe movement, voice and text practitioners, exploring what it's like for an actor performing on the Globe stage. Walk through the history of the building and the people who inspired it with leading academics.

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The day includes the following sessions

Warm up
Warm up your voice for the day ahead with Tess Dignan, Head of Voice

The Globe Theatre Past and Present
Explore the history of the Globe and its founder with Dr Diana Devlin and Dr Will Tosh.

Movement at Shakespeare's Globe
Join Globe Associate Glynn MacDonald to explore how actors work physically on the Globe stage.

Text at Shakespeare's Globe
Explore how actors approach a Shakespearean text with Giles Block a Globe Text Associate.

Richard Burbage: Life and Legacy
Dr Lucy Munro and Dr Will Tosh in conversation about the most famous actor ever to tread the Globe theatre boards.

Q&A with Globe Associates
Explore theatre practice and playing conditions at Shakespeare's Globe now.

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